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Toddler Temper Tantrums: 6 Survival Tips

By January 11, 2017March 24th, 2019Mental Health

Have you heard that temper tantrums can be positive for your family? You haven’t? Well then, you are in for a treat, sweet friends! Here are some things that you would miss out on without these emotional spectacles.

You won’t have to fit in a workout tomorrow

You can get your workout holding your baby while simultaneously pulling a toddler clutched to your leg. Fun Fact: 15 minutes of this will burn the calories of a glass of wine!

 For every look you get questioning your ability to be a mom is +5 points

Bonus points are awarded for head shakes and mutters about how they would never let their child do that! What do you get with your points? Supermom Powers: Thicker skin (WHAM!), quicker wit (SLAM!), ability to roll your eyes far back at disapproving people ( ZAP!), self-righteous feeling because you are handling this (KA-POW!).

Guess who is about to have a super healthy kid? You!

By rolling around on the ground, they are collecting all kinds of germs that will help them build their immunities. Worried about what could be on the ground that you can’t see? Studies show that exposure to animal feces before age two can be a good thing. (Disclaimer: I am not telling you to let your children play with poop. That is disgusting. I am just telling you that kids who have exposure to germs are actually healthier in the long run.)

The stress from the tantrums is good for you too!

You build your own immunity and the stress actually gives you more memory power. Take that, Mommy Brain! And you thought you’d never get your clear thinking back.

Bring back those feelings

Remember that feeling from college when you finally finished your exams and you celebrated by having a night out with friends? That has nothing on that glass of wine you will have after your kid goes to sleep tonight exhausted from the tantrum.

Kids don’t have the attention span and the ability to handle extra errands.

No worries. That just means that you need to give them some time to burn that energy off. Yes, this adds some time that you feel that you don’t have. Just taking 15 minutes to play at a fast food restaurant while you enjoy a cup of coffee will help both of you. I don’t know about you, but I will take every chance I get to have coffee. Every single chance.


Just by experiencing this often frenzy-filled act of childhood, you will become stronger physically and emotionally, feel more sure of yourself as a parent, gain brainpower, have a healthier family, but most of all, you will have coffee. And wine. And is there anything more beautiful than that?